All photos by Tom Blachford & Kate Ballis

It's no secret that I work for Melbourne tailoring house Oscar Hunt and one of the greatest parts of my job is getting to do what I love, being creative.

A few times a year the team and I work together to create campaigns and shoots, including this range of images from the latest Autumn/Winter 2015 lookbook.

Following the brand's aesthetic I decided to mix two different forms of everyday construction - tailoring and machinery. Both methods utilise old world technology and I didn't want anything modern and heavily computerised when it came to the machines that we shot against.

We were lucky to come across the Nobody wash factory (like most good denim makers Nobody use the old washing machines, dryers and stone rumblers). These machines haven't been changed in almost one hundred years and that aligned perfectly with the skills of the Oscar Hunt tailors.

An array of workable suiting fabrics were chosen to suit the colder weather, whilst leaving the colour and personality down to a new line of sports jackets and overcoats.

For a look at the full lookbook head over to
If there were something that I was going to endorse, it would probably be something like sneakers
- Justin Timberlake

All photos by Nudio Studio

There's always a fine line between the cool and the ridiculous.
A t-shirt, pair of jeans and sneakers always work together well and the same can be said of a suit worn with clean leather shoes.

Then there are the so-called 'trend-setters' who try to wear both of the aforementioned styles at once - most teaming suits with a pair of chunky style trainers like New Balance 574s, and although I like both, I don't necessarily think that they should be worn at the same time - It only evokes images of the stereotypical office worker speed walking through a crowded city on his way to work. However there is a simple way of marrying both styles together.

Your best option is to try and balance out the weight of your outfit. For example; if you're going to wear a chunkier style of shoe then it's a good idea to try and add more bulk to the top half of your outfit. The other option is to find a sneaker with sleek and sophisticated lines, the holy grail of the sports shoe world. To put it into layman's terms, you might have to take a good look around before you find the perfect pair.

Over the last few months I've had the chance to meet with a few Australian labels, testing out their shoes for quality, style and durability. One of the first brands that I was in contact with was the Melbourne based leather company, Nudio Studio - who first came to my attention when they ranked me as the number one Melbourne menswear style influencer on Instagram (Thank you kindly!).

Nudio Studio invited me to take a look at their collection and this pair of 
sneakers really stood out. They're super streamlined and remind me of the weightless Lanvin trainer. Pairing them up with a suit or smart trouser and jacket worked perfectly and kept the look of my ensemble clean, not to mention the price is pretty amazing. These shoes are a nubuck leather upper with a clean vulcanized sole. There's no extra padding and no unnecessary finishings and they work perfectly with my wardrobe.

Polo by Hermen Menswear
Gilet by River Island
Sneakers by Nudio Studio

My favourite place in Indonesia is Bali. I was there with my family in Nusa Dua, and my kids loved it. I'm a workaholic, so for me, Bali is a place where you can have a vacation, but you can have your own moment as well. You feel like you blend with nature - and I love the beach
- Joe Taslim
Jetting off on exotic mid-year holidays is quickly becoming tradition for me.
I love nothing more than getting away from the wintery Melbourne weather and heading off to the warmer climates of South-East Asia or Europe in June. This year I decided that I wanted to go somewhere that I hadn't been before; preferably somewhere hot, with great beaches, that wasn't going to break the bank or inflict major jet-lag. Nusa Dua and Gili Island in Indonesia were two locations that immediately jumped out to me when I started planning this year's holiday.

The great thing about Indonesia is that it's extremely close to Australia and the exchange rate is very reasonable. There are also parts of the country (like Nusa Dua and Gili Island) that lay pretty much untarnished by the stereotypical Aussie 'bogan' Kuta beach holiday cliche. 

Nusa Dua is a beautiful part of Bali. The area is semi blocked off by a security point, keeping the crime down and the parties clean. We stayed at the Grand Whiz, a nice 4 star hotel which had great ratings. I'm not much of a holiday writer but it was nice, they had clean rooms and great staff whom were helpful and not overbearing. I guess the only negative thing I would say is that all of the information online indicated that the resort had beach frontage, when in fact it's a 10 min walk to the ocean. 
Day 1 - we travelled into Kuta to check out the shopping and left feeling slightly disappointed. There was an abundance of RipCurl, Hurley and Billabong shops and although I did manage to find a couple of pairs of linen shorts on sale, there wasn't much else to offer.
Day 2 - tourist time. We headed out on a full-day tour which started at 9:30am with a visit to the centre of the island and the ancient Mengwi royal family temple, Taman Ayun. It was an amazing sight and I was surprised to learn that these beautiful buildings are still used for worship today. 

For there we headed to Luwus Village, an area known for its coffee plantations, which produce the world's most expensive coffee.  To make the famous "Luwak" coffee, Arabiaca beans are fed to the Luwak ( a feline/possum type animal), the beans ferment in the animal's stomach and droppings are collected and cleaned, hulled beans are then put through the normal roasting and grinding procedures. The coffee can be bought on site and costs around $50 per 100 grams. After a relaxing lunch break in a restaurant overlooking Lake Beratan, we visited the "floating Temples" of Ulundanu. The temples are located in a vulcanic lake and to access them you have to go through a massive garden, there are also boats there to take you around the lake if you wish.
Then it was off to the largest rice fields in Bali, which boast an impressive natural irrigation system. This was followed by our last destination of the day, the famous temple, Tanah Lot and a beautiful butterfly enclosure . Tanah Lot sits on top of a large rock island and in low tide you can walk out to it. For a small donation (approximately $5) the resident Hindu monks will wash you in the local holy-water. 
The enclosure had some massive butterflies and months - I did get photos but they just didn't do the area any justice, so instead you get an image of me looking through the museum. 

Even when you take a holiday from technology, technology doesn't take a break from you.

- Douglas Coupland

Well, it's finally time, I'm off to the tropics to relax and recoup after another roller coaster year.
We all know that trying to pack a suitcase can be a little bit tricky when you're going from one temperature extreme to another and since I'll be jetting out of freezing Melbourne and into sunny, tropical Indonesia, I'll be keeping my layers light and warm.

I've decided to focus this post on my summer holiday essentials - being in the menswear industry (and perhaps more importantly, being a blogger) going on a holiday doesn't necessarily mean that my work stops, so to paraphrase Douglas Coupland, where I go technology is sure to follow.

Panama Hat (From Oscar Hunt Tailors)

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know how much of a fan I am of Panama hats.  The Panama hat is the perfect style to take away with you on your summer holiday. Traditionally made for the heat, it will protect you from the sun whilst keeping your head cool and not tarnishing your style. I strongly recommend giving it a mist of water every two days (if in direct sun), to stop it from drying out and cracking.

Linen Shirt (From Oscar Hunt Tailors)

I'm also a big fan of linen as it's a great summer weight, open-weave fabric. I've opted for a short sleeve shirt in this image, although I'll also be taking a long-sleeve option out of respect for the Indonesian culture.  

Espadrilles (Handmade in Spain)

When it comes to footwear, flip-flops don't do a lot for me. They break easily and then you're left searching high and low for a suitable pair of replacement shoes. Espadrilles, especially traditionally made ones like these, are super light-weight and comfortable. Comprising of a light canvas upper and a hemp rope sole, they mould to your feet and last.

Swimwear (Shorts by Nikben)

This is a very personal item, with some men liking them longer in the leg, some liking them short and others keen to not wear them at all. I prefer a well made, mid-cut swim short and this pair is quick drying and fade resistant. 

Headphones (By Jay's)

Music is life and there's nothing worse during a long-haul fight than those badly made headphones that don't work properly or crack loudly while you're trying to listen to music or watch a movie. Lucky enough I was able to test out these new two-way stereo earphones by Jays, with a smart tangle free wires and the crystal clear sound these make regular earphones seem like a pair of tin cans with a string.


As a blogger, I want to be able to keep in touch with my readers and without a laptop or personal device it's virtually impossible. But apart from doing the regular email checking and blog posting, your laptop or tablet is a great way of storing your holiday memories and keeping in touch with friends and family at home.

Holidays are meant to be remembered and a camera is vital. Having a camera with a video capability means that you'll never miss a moment although in the past keeping the quality of your photo and video footage high meant that you had to sacrifice on bulk and weight. Introducing the GoPro, the perfect lightweight high-def video and camera in one. They come with a waterproof/shock-resistant case for all those crazy selfies and adventurous moments. 

Luggage (By PakLite)

Luggage enables you to take your wardrobe and bathroom essentials with you when you travel, although the big downside to packing is those pesky airline weight restrictions. To help soften the blow of a 20-kilo baggage allowance, there are new lightweight cases being released into the market every year. 
Paklite contacted me regarding their new StyleAir range and it seemed like the perfect time to try the brand out. This range covers carry-on, medium and large cases all under 4kgs, the one pictured here is their large case which is both strong and scratch resistant.

Sunglasses (By Bailey Nelson)

Last, but certainly not least, is a pair of sunglasses.  When it's sunny outside they're a must, just make sure that if you are on a boat or close to water that your pair has polarized lenses, as they reflect from top to bottom (unlike tinted lenses which just mute the glare).