I never went to fashion school. I didn't know what a designer was. I knew I had something, but I didn't know what it was. And it could just have easily been nothing
- Ralph Lauren

Photo by Your Ensemble

My last update was all about what we saw on the runway during the VAMFF GQ Parade but I really wanted to continue with the theme and devote this post to my outfit for the evening - A new fashion label from Melbourne and a great Swedish shoe brand (of which I'll go into more detail on in the near future).

Hermen menswear is the offspring of recent brand split "Suit Your Style" and the newborn company has high self-esteem and no bad habits. The guys behind Hermen have achieved this by turning their backs on the more traditional made to measure styles of suiting; instead focusing on smart-casual pieces to accompany suits, sports jackets and winter coats. 

I was lucky enough to be given a sample of their new knitwear and even though I'm not typically into roll-necks I really love wearing this. The fit is perfect and it's 100% merino wool. I've been told that the launch of this range of knitwear is coming soon so keep a look out for it on their website.

Photo by Hyunwoo Rei Cho

This is a double breasted jacket buttoned back onto itself. I love wearing DB's but sometimes I just want to let it hang loose like a single breasted jacket and by doing this I can have two jackets in one.

Photo by Karen Woo

Photo by Jang Yooon

Axel Arigato flannel camo loafers

This is a close up of the loafers I wore on the night. They're from a great brand called Axel Arigato who take classically designed sneakers, loafers and espadrilles and mix them with different materials. I'll be telling you guys more about this brand really soon.

My style is nothing but the expression of myself; harmony between what I show and what I hide; it’s a mix of sounds, notes and colours of symphony

- Nicola Ricci

Last Friday night I attended the VAMFF Menswear parade, presented by GQ Magazine.

While Melbourne's Fashion Festival is comprised of around a fortnight's worth of parades and events, there isn't that much specifically targeted towards men and it was great to see a whole runway show devoted to the upcoming Autumn/Winter season.

The theme of the evening was David Bowie, with some of his most iconic tracks remixed to work as a soundtrack for the show - This year Bowie celebrates 50 years in the entertainment industry and, as one of the greatest influencers in rock, fashion, and style, his music was a great fit and really helped to set the mood. 

The show was opened by MJ Bale, an Australian grown ready-to-wear suit company who do really great things. This collection had excellent use of colour and some nice layering, but like any fashion parade there were a few 'peacock' garments shown, which made me wonder whether an MJ Bale customer would actually wear them.  

Another stand out for me was Vanishing Elephant - By the looks of things their latest collection is all about woollen hats, knitwear and jackets with a touch of denim. The styling for the show was a bit over the top but if you ignore that and focus on the clothes VE has a great workwear mix.

I don't want to bombard you with photos so watch out for a run down on what I wore to the parade coming soon.

You don't learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.

- Shalom Harlow

The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) rolled into town last week and I was invited along to see the opening parade, presented by David Jones. 

Yes, it's still a majority female event but there were some great outfits regardless and menswear WAS still accounted for, albeit in dribs and drabs.

I really enjoyed going to the opening night of VAMFF, the atmosphere was electric and the show was of a really high quality. But honestly, how could I say no to a ticket when the David Jones ambassadors Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox were walking the runway?

Jessica Gomes

Montana Cox

Photo by Hyunwoo Rei Cho

Photo by Karen Woo

Outfit details:
Suit & Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors 
Tie by Drakes 
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Shoes by Allen Edmonds
There is no blue without yellow and without orange
- Vincent Van Gogh

In part two of the colour series we jump from the "unmanly" colour of pink to one that is extremely overlooked. Orange stands out a lot and if you go too crazy with it you may get called Carrot Top, but if you find the right shade and tone to suit your complexion it makes a great accent colour for clothing and accessories. 

Personally I like to incorporate darker shades into larger items of clothing (sports jackets and pants) and keep my accessories a little bit brighter (pocket squares, ties and socks). I would also suggest that people with red hair and pale skin don't overdose on the colour and instead use their own natural tones as a contrasting colour.

Below are some colours that work well with orange:
navy, olive, brown, burgundy, charcoal, musk and beige.

 Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson

Shoes by New Balance

Pocket Square by Tombolini

Knitted Tie by Oscar Hunt Tailors

Scarf by Da Capo

Umbrella by Pasotti 

There is absolutely nothing feminine about the colour pink, or, anything bad-luck'ish about the colour black — in itself. 
                               - Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Colours can make or break an outfit. Your skin tone can turn one person's perfect colour into someone else's definite no. Here is the first of a series of blog posts on colour palettes that work for me. I hope these help inspire some who may be thinking of trying an "I don't know about that" colour.

This first post will be about the somewhat scary PINK. 

Pink doesn't have to be a strong statement colour, but again, you have to find a shade that works for you. I tend to go for more a light musk pink because it suits my tones better. Pink is also a great colour to wear after a big night out or if you're feeling a little under the weather as it reflects warmth and gives pigment to pale skin. I like to mix this colour with browns, greys, navys and beige.

Shirt by Henry Bucks

Shirt by Trashness