Bon Voyage.

This will be my last winter post for now as I'm about to head off to chase the sun in Europe.
This tweed sports jacket is by far my favourite wardrobe piece, and to be honest I just don't wear enough. The earthy rust, stamped with a royal blue window pane check is a great smart casual option for the colder months and it's a little sad that I have to put in back in the closet (at least for the next few weeks) and replace it with a travel wardrobe of light cottons and linens.
Tomorrow I will be touching down in Paris, France. Of course I'll be doing all of the touristy things while I'm there, but number one on my holiday itinerary is to visit the Carmina store and pick myself up some new shoes.
I'll be keeping you all updated on my travels throughout the rest of July and August; the stores I visit and the people I meet along the way. Please follow me on Instagram at @apmmillions for more regular posts while I'm on my holiday and if you guys have any places you think I need to visit feel free to leave a comment below. Until then, Au Revoir Melbourne!

Jacket, Pants & Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Cardigan by Henry Bucks
Tie & Pocket square are Vintage
Gloves by Dents Uk (From Oscar Hunt Tailors)
Shoes by Church's Footwear


Fold-Away Fedora

Style is something very individual, very personal, and in their own unique way, I believe everyone is stylish Salman Khan

It's a proven scientific fact that heat rises - You can rug up from neck to toe during the colder months and still be freezing if you don't wear a hat to cover your head.

Back in the day hats were a sign of social status; in the military they denoted nationality, service and rank - These days they're worn as more of a practical accessory: perfect to shield us from the heat in summer, and help retain warmth in winter.

At the moment I'm really loving fold-able fedoras - The fur felt hat that I'm wearing below can be rolled up and slipped into my pockets in no time. Then it's just as easy to unroll and shape in any way I desire. Don't forget that character is key when it comes to personal style and that includes your accessories.

Photography by David Edney

Jacket, Pants &Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Tie is Vintage
Shoes by Loake Footwear


Handmade Helper

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Did you study styling at school?"
"How did you learn about menswear?"
"What tips do you have for others?"

I get asked these questions a lot, and while my answers might be quite shocking to some, I hope that they are equally inspiring for others.

The truth is, no, I didn't study styling at school. It's something that I've picked up by myself. When I first became interested in men's fashion I sat back and observed, started researching the things that I liked and then slowly began to experiment and window shop, trying on whatever caught my eye. If you take baby steps you'll quickly start to learn what does and doesn't work for you.

Menswear is a whole, not just one particular style - When I started working in retail I made the decision to learn all aspects of the trade; from fast fashion to bespoke tailoring. When I get to the point at a job where I discover that I can't learn anymore, I find a new way to continue my personal studies, be it a new position or even starting a menswear blog.

I take what I've learnt in my previous positions and bring them across to the next job and so on. If you enjoy what you do you'll never grow tired of learning new things.

As for my style tips, they're all above. Learn what works for you and pass that knowledge on to  others. Advice should always be free, although I did go to night school to improve my sewing skills. Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask questions and absorb as much knowledge as possible.

All photos courtesy of Kim Donggwan 

Jacket by Scotch & Soda
Cardigan by Hallensteins
Shirt & Pants by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Tie is Vintage with hand embroided '5' 
Pocket Square by Tombolini
Umbrella by Pasotti (from Oscar Hunt Tailors)
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson


Beard Season 2014

"As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed." - Vincent Van Gogh 

I have a soft spot for any charity that has a personal meaning, especially when it's a non-profit organisation. Jimmy Niggles, the man behind Beard Season, is helping keep our eyes and ears open to the risks of Melanoma,  one of the most common forms of cancer here in Australia. Melanoma has struck a few people close to me (including my mother, the strongest woman I know) and I was honoured when I was asked to become one of the spokesmen for the cause.

So this one is for the gents out there - All you have to do is go to the Beard Season website and book in for a skin check. Let your beautiful chin mane grow through the winter and become an ambassador for Melanoma awareness. Then all you have to do is trim it back a little and continue with Movember in November! Its an easy and effective way of keeping both men and women aware of the risks of skin cancer.


Pitti Uomo 86

There are few words that fill me with the same sense of excitement as Pitti Uomo. 
Now in it's 86th season, Summer 2014 brought out the usual parade of well-dressed gentlemen; some relishing the opportunity to peacock in the European sun, others doing their best to keep things subtle and refined.  

I always enjoy looking at the street style shots from Pitti, as it's a great way to see where trends are headed and spot the next wave of style icons. Sadly I haven't been yet. I don't know when I’ll get to attend the biannual trade show, but perhaps Pitti Uomo 87 has my name written on it. 

Here are some of my favourite looks from Pitti Uomo 86 - I have to admit that I prefer the winter season a lot more. When you wear more layers there are more opportunities to play with patterns, colour and textures. 

Images courtesy of: GQ, Four-Pins & Hypebeast