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Pitti Uomo 103 Day 1

It's back, and it appears to be almost "normal" now. A past thought, lockdowns for the innocent, and the ability to travel beyond your postcode are no longer a pipe dream.

Will Pitti Uomo 103 be "business as usual"? What changes can we expect? Who has a distinct style? Who is still striving for "fame"?

Day 1 has just passed, and from what I've seen, there hasn't been much change. Styles remain similar, mainly classic with the odd "peacock".

Is there anything new? Most likely from the confident and self-assured! Here are a few favourites from Day 1 of Pitti Uomo 103, found via Instagram #pittiuomo103

The Classics!

@Gui_Bo & @The_Angelique_Noire

Photo @Fabriziodipaoloph



The Colour Pop!



The Monocrome Men!


Photo @Fabriziodipaoloph


Military & Vintage

Photo @Fabriziodipaoloph


The Style Bender