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Levis Type 1 Denim Jacket History

Levi Strauss & Co. was established in the mid-1800s, starting with the famous Levi 501 jeans, it was not until 1905 that the first Levi Blouse was recorded.

Made in 9 oz. double heavy unsanforized (Amoskeag Manufacturing Company) quality XX denim, it was known as the 506 (the term Number One was used after 1917).

The word Blouse was used by Levi Strauss & Co. until around 1938 when the word “jacket” was used in its western wear catalogue.

The 506XX Blouse as marked on a bovine leather patch had a single breast pocket on the left side of the front of the jacket and featured rivets at the corners of the pocket. Rivets were also used to reinforce the cuff vents. As with the early Levi Jeans, a cincher was used on the lower back. The back also had two knife pleats from the yoke to the waistband.

There were 6 versions in this particular Levi Jacket model dated;

1905 - Original issue, Pleated front, single pocket with no flap, cinch back with knife-pleats.

1928 - Pocket flap introduced.

1936- Red tab label introduced, without the R and Levis on one side.

1941- (WW2 Models) Pocket flap removed and doughnut hole buttons introduced, due to restrictions. Also, apparently, only L and XL sizes had the cinch back.

1944- Clinch backslider introduced.

1947- Pocket flap brought back.

Details varied as different versions emerged such as the departure of doughnut style buttons in early models to logo style buttons in later models.

Look out for the continuing series with the Type 2 Levi Stauss denim jacket.