Dior Homme Fragrance History

Fragrance and Style


The topic of fragrance and style is really intriguing. Only a few people bring up smell while discussing style, and when discussing fragrance, occasions are typically brought up but rarely the relation to one's style.

Sincerely, neither did I. My relationship with fragrance began briefly, mostly while travelling abroad for a holiday. When I first bought it, I would wear it every day of the vacation and store it in my drawer when I got home. By doing this, the fragrance will always remind me of that specific holiday anytime I wore it again.

The senses—touch, sight, and smell—are the foundation of the relationship I make between these topics. The more we can combine these senses, the more appealing it will be to a person. The same holds true while dining out, where sight, taste and smell come into play. 

We feel more confident when we look good, but if we also smell nice, others will notice that as well. Smell can turn heads or keep a person more engaged with you.

This subject serves as "food for thought," but I'll also go into what I discovered after putting this first idea into action.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you combine fragrance and style? Please leave a remark!