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Txture Boot Review

 A few years ago whilst learning about Indonesian denim makers, I came across a few bootmakers. One of these makers was Txture

Txture stood out to me through their photos and other visual candy via Instagram. I actually contacted a few makers asking questions and learning about the brands. When it came time to order I wanted to try two different makers, trouble being with one deciding to do a "raffle" type ordering system and me not being a gambling man, I went just ordered from Txture.

Ordering was easy and communication was not a problem either. Once I had my design (Sanity Boots), they gave me a quote including shipping, in an invoice via email. This showcased everything I wanted in the design, from there I was given instructions on how to measure my feet and added those measurements to the invoice.

Due to these being handmade and welted, the timing is longer than many other machine-made shoes. Txture also makes a last for future orders, meaning the timings are then shorter the second time around.

Once all the details, measurements and payment was done, it was just a waiting game, unfortunately, my order was at the start of Coronavirus, thus blowing out the timings quite significantly (from 12 weeks to 17 weeks). 

When the boots arrived via DHL (1 week, due to Coronavirus), they were neatly wrapped in their box. On first look, there was no visual travel damage due to this protection. For the first time in my life, I was stuck looking at the boots for quite a while before trying them on.

Looking at the stitching, finishing, construction, sock-lining etc. it was all very impressive, the triple-stitched quarters, double stitch down forefoot, leather stacked heels, the rolled edges of the cuff, gusset tongue, re-enforced eyelets, even the inner sole had perfectly positioned arch support.

Now, to the hard part, one I was actually a bit hesitant at first, trying them on. This was my first made to order and partial-bespoke shoe/boot, so this was also a test. But to my surprise, they fit perfectly, the width, heel counter, vamp, length, it was all exactly how it should be.

The leather was at first stiff like expected and a little squeaky, the soles being quite thick (double soles plus a rubber half with the woodsmen heels), I was expecting them to break my feet until I wore them in.

I have a lot of shoes, all leather from makers around the world, I know the drill. These boots wore-in after the second wear and after the third/fourth they were even better. A friend of mine who has a few hand welted shoes, told me a long time ago, how comfortable they were not due to the last being made for him but the difference in insole construction.  

This difference is the actual depth between the footbed and the soles itself, many Goodyear welted soles have a cork filling of 4 mm between the footbed and sole, where a hand welted shoe has 1mm, due to a thicker leather footbed, meaning more comfort.

This I totally agree with, also having shoes or boots made for you, there won't be as much pressure on your toes and width whilst wearing them in. The leather upper is a pull-up style, it has worn very nicely and polishes well too.

After a good month or so of wear the boots have just become better. The upper is soft and shaped to my foot, as well as the innersole. Over-all I highly rate these boots, so much so, I actually ordered a pair of their Civilian shoes and War Horse Boots.

So far so good, nothing really sticks out that is negative unless we get uber technical and say some of the stitching isn't "perfect" and a little wonky.

I look forward to my new Txture shoes and boots. What would you get?