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Double RL, Ranch Ralph Lauren History

Nowadays, there are numerous Heritage style brands, but none are as well-known as RRL by Ralph Lauren.
Using the phrase heritage has triggered a few fans in the past since it lends itself to making people believe they have been around for long periods.

So let me clarify this, it is a heritage style brand, case closed.
Ralph Lauren, recognised for wearing suits for every occasion, felt he had lost his identity when it came to tuxedos.

Instead of the straight suit, he wore it with jeans and boots, sometimes with a western shirt and tie. It wasn’t to call for the spotlight but to just be himself and comfortable with his style. Later, this became the signature of the Ralph Lauren brand.
I think many people may not have understood that Ralph loved western wear and heritage tailoring from the early 1900s.

After a ranch in Colorado, the brand was named back in 1982, with RRL launching in 1993 over ten years later.

Unlike their Purple or Polo labels, RRL was new worn garments; pre-worn denim, vintage-inspired work shirts, button-fly chinos, washed flannels, smudged t-shirts and jumpers, beat-up jackets, and distressed leather jackets as if found buried in the back of a barn.
Entering an RRL store was like taking a step back in time. In turn, it embodied the entire aesthetic Ralph was attempting to portray in the brand story.

It was very high when it came to quality whilst made in the United States and the rarer made in Japan. It does seem to have slipped a bit over time, now made in China. Not to say made in China is always lower quality but like many big brands, cutting costs helps them keep flourishing as a brand to the masses.

I adore the lookbooks and outfits, even though they are pretty pricey for me, especially given that an authentic vintage equivalent is available for a comparable price (or sometimes less).
RRL sell true-vintage pieces at their stores, for an inflated price, due to keeping within their band and experience which comes at a cost.

Recently, I purchased some of their salt and pepper work trousers (Made in Japan), which I love.
I will keep looking to Ralph Lauren and the RRL for inspiration; further purchases are possible in the future, but not likely at this time.