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Levis 200 Series Denim History

Unlike the famous 500 series from Levis Strauss, there was another series that came out after the 500 series. This was named the 200 series with 201 overalls and 213 jackets.

The date seems to be uncertain (some say 1890) and there isn't a lot of information about this series on the internet. This is why I am creating this post to help others learn what I have about this series thus far!

From the information, I have gathered that is consistent, the 200 series was made to be more affordable for people, especially through the great depression.

So if we go back to the date of the 200 series and link it with the great depression era, the jacket can be dated between 1929 - 1933. This seems to be a perfect reason to offer a lower cost garment.

The jacket was made in the Valencia St factory from a selvedge 9oz denim but not as high quality as the 506's XX denim. Instead of a leather patch, a sailcloth was used for labels. The doughnut buttons were a generic "laurel wreath" seen at the time, a clinch back and a single flapped pocket on the two-pleated front. Levi's famous "red tab" can not be seen on these jackets, as they were not used until 1936.

It has also been seen that the first version of the 213 had a single flapless pocket attached lower on the left-hand side of the front.

The 201 overalls (jeans) used the same denim as the 213 jackets and sailcloth label. The style was very similar to the 1922 era 501s. Cinch back, brace buttons, four belt loops, crotch rivet and button fly, featuring the "laurel wreath" doughnut buttons.

*All photos sourced from Google Images*

If anyone knows any more accurate information in regards to the Levis Strauss 200 series denim, please comment below or get in touch via my Instagram @Jaredacquaro