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Belafonte: Ragtime Clothing

Mr Tanaka's vision with Belafonte is to create clothing that matches his own personal view and something that he, himself, would wear. Taking designs from the past and innovating them to the highest quality, production can become a little expensive.
Something I always say is "An amazing product starts with the making of a quality product".

For each season, half a year is spent researching and evaluating what kind of clothing would be produced during the time period Mr Tanaka takes his primary inspiration from the 1930s-50s. The way Belafonte recreate vintage pieces is by taking the best parts of the garment and adding what he believes is missing.

This freedom of design is something all at Belafonte hold in the highest regard. The few pieces I own are two jersey t-shirts, one heavy cotton and one light. The other garment I own is the wool knitted civilian vest.

What I love about Belafonte's products, apart from the design and quality, is the proportionate sizing of the garments. The majority of them are beautifully waisted to the wearing, giving a perfect visual effect of fit and style.

Belafonte T-shirt

Belafonte Jacket