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Pitti Uomo 89 Day 1

Pitti Uomo 89 Day 1.

It was a mild day weather wise and the Fortezza da Basso gates were open to the public for the first time in 2016. On arrival, it was busy and being my first time I was a little unsure of where to enter, following the crowd I made my way to the ticket gates. Luckily I registered beforehand, one quick scan of my phone and I was in. The first thing I noticed seeing as it is winter here in Italy wasn't too uncommon, overcoats, hats, scarves, gloves, the usual winter layers and accessories. The crowd was big but I had nothing to go off from previous experience. For me, the biggest standout of the day was all the green; coats, suits, ties, vests, cardigans etc. Coming from Melbourne, Australia green is starting to pick up and for me, it's my favourite colour so of course it's all through my wardrobe but sadly I think I missed the memo and didn't rock green at all.

Here is a selection of my favourite outfits featuring GREEN.












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