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Christian Kimber - Cemented In Tradition, Departing With The Rules.


Photos by Jamie Ferguson for ASUS Australia.

“I guess the hardest thing in the world is to create a new shoe" ~ Christian Kimber

The first time I met Christian was back in 2013, I was working as the floor manager of Melbourne men's shoe destination "Beggar Man Thief". I didn't know too much about Christian Kimber expect he was British, loved menswear and was passionate about designing his own brand. I actually don't think I really got to know him until further down the track but I got to see and sell his first collection, get a pair of his loafers for myself and take my first step into his journey. Seeing something or someone from day one and then watch them evolve is like reading a novel series, you see them grow, encounter hurdles and either fall or in Christian's case rise and flourish.


For Christian Kimber's latest collection for 2015/16, he introduced the "Passport Collection". For those who know Christian Kimber, this was a big step for him, he was breaking out of what some may say a "pidgeon hole" of tailored menswear and into the street style sneaker world. I was actually feeling a little unsure when I first heard about the not, move into but the integration of sneakers into his latest collection, I really didn't know what to expect at all and not only this but an amazing collaboration with Eidos Napoli (a favourite of mine).

"Australian culture has always had a more relaxed take on clothing. I set out to design a collection that could transcend convention and be relevant across various menswear genres and lifestyles.

My vision for "The Passport Collection" is that each beautifully handcrafted pair of shoes can translate seamlessly into any environment. Inspired by places or situations that mean something to me, every pair has a story and every detail has a purpose.

So you might see the hint of a wave in the pattern of a sneaker, or a nod to a wallpaper print in piping. Ultimately, my goal was to create such beautifully made shoes that they would work no matter what you wear. Handmade with love in Spain or Italy, each shoe is classically constructed and leather-lined for ultimate quality and comfort. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I did, designing them".

Not all of the collection might be for me but it was very impressive, the small details, craftsmanship, materials, colours, and lasts were refined and innovated from his previous collections.



The collaboration with Eidos was beautiful and even though I'm not a massive sneaker-head, I do own and love the Byron's and Apertures.


The Firle saddles are easily the best I have come across, I had been looking for a good saddle oxford for quite awhile. 


The Capa derby's in smoke suede, super soft and a last that gives character to what can in most cases be a boring shoe.


The Canvas chukka boot is my go to for winter with its commando sole and not to be scared by its suede upper, the rain will darken and smash the personality out but if your not a fan of this then Christian has an amazing nano weather spray available!

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