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The Business Suit - Navy

A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit.
Michael Kors




The classic suit (sometimes referred to as a business suit) is most commonly bought and worn in tones of navy or grey, although some workplaces may still abide by a strict black suit only policy (these days that tends to come with the territory of working either security or high-end retail).




Here I'm wearing my version of the classic suit, although I don't wear it to work, it's still a very business appropriate  look. This suit is a midnight navy with a subtle herringbone pattern, giving a slightly textured finish without looking over the top. Midnight navy is a great alternative to black and the fabric looks great when it hits the light, adding more depth and a point of interest. It is also an easy colour to pair multiple styles and tones of shirts with; from your standard whites, through to blue and pink solids, stripes and checks in blue, red, brown, pink, navy, grey, green, purple and so on. Accessory wise you can utilise even more colours.  In even better news, if you decide to purchase a non-black suit, it's really easy to split the pieces up to wear as separates, increasing your wardrobe options twofold.






Suit by Oscar Hunt Tailors

Shirt by MJ Bale

Tie by Ascot

Sunglasses by Cutler & Gross

Shoes by Loake