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Summer Cocktails with Diplomatico

“I drink to make other people more interesting.”
Ernest Hemingway


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending the welcoming of Venezuelan rum Diplomatico. It was an amazing day in Melbourne for the lunchtime event at the Water-Slide bar in South Bank, the barmen and women did not disappoint either with three different cocktails on offer using the three different ranges of Diplomatico rum. Below is a rundown on how to make these amazing cocktails for you to enjoy this summer.




Hickory Smoked Mary Pickford
30 ml Blanco
20 ml maraschino
30 ml hickory wood smoked pineapple juice
10ml lime juice
Served straight up in a cocktail glass

Italian Venezuela
30ml Anejo
Dash black walnut bitters
10 ml quince syrup
5ml chestnut liqueur
60 ml chinotto
Served short over ice with orange and rosemary

Diplomatico Mule
30ml Reserva
15ml Fig syrup
30ml house made ginger soda
30 ml fresh pear juice
Served tall over crushed ice with dehydrated lime

The Mule is a simple classic and probably the easiest to make at home. This recipe is similar to a jazzed up dark and stormy, which is just rum and ginger beer over crushed ice with a lime wedge. If readers wanted a more accessible recipe they could bring it back to that:

  1. Fill a glass with ice, crushed or cubed.
    2. Fill the glass with a one or two shots of Diplomatico rum.
    3. Top with ginger beer (Capi make a nice one).
    4. Add a slice of lime, slightly squeezing the wedge upon impact.