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Summer Inspiration for Men

“Guys don’t need a lot of choices, they need the right choice.”- Sid Mashburn

Small checked deconstructed jackets this summer.

I'm late to cover Pitti Uomo 88, but I wanted to keep Spring/Summer fresh in the minds of those over here on my side of the world, as the Southern hemisphere slowly makes its way into our warmer months. 

When the sun returns, it's time the men here in the Antipodes can fully spread their sartorial wings. In Australia, we haven't been born into a society that traditionally celebrates dressing well as is the case in places like Italy, but the Menswear movement has grown dramatically here over the past few years and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Here is an example of using  lighter earthy tones in summer and a nice reverse outfit combo on the right with dark on top and light on the bottom, then switched.

Below are some of my favourite looks from the summer edition of Pitti Uomo. I chose these primarily because of their versatility.

Dark colours hold the heat and are great for the colder months of the year, so when it comes to the Spring/Summer, the lighter tones take over. A forest green can be replaced with a lighter olive green; still earthy but light enough to freshen up your look. For the gents who has light complexions, you can go even lighter and experiment with more pastel colours as they will give your natural tones a deeper colour against them.

I love the colour combinations and tones here, especially the rust orange linen field jacket. Both outfits marry very well.

Contrasting a darker colour under light beautifully breaks up the dulling effect against the lighter tone skin. It also individualises each part of the outfit.

Joe a friend of mine on the right from the Finery Company with Chad from BnTailor, an expression of modern next to classic for the hotter months.

Mixing in denim with cotton and linen jackets will be a big sort after style this Spring/Summer, with it's relaxed smart casual feel.

You may have also noticed the abundance of suede shoes and loafers, a great summer classic shoe and loafer can be worn through every occasion whether it be work, party or relaxed.