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VAMFF - GQ Runway

My style is nothing but the expression of myself; harmony between what I show and what I hide; it’s a mix of sounds, notes and colours of symphony

- Nicola Ricci

Last Friday night I attended the VAMFF Menswear parade, presented by GQ Magazine.

While Melbourne's Fashion Festival is comprised of around a fortnight's worth of parades and events, there isn't that much specifically targeted towards men and it was great to see a whole runway show devoted to the upcoming Autumn/Winter season.

The theme of the evening was David Bowie, with some of his most iconic tracks remixed to work as a soundtrack for the show - This year Bowie celebrates 50 years in the entertainment industry and, as one of the greatest influencers in rock, fashion, and style, his music was a great fit and really helped to set the mood. 

The show was opened by MJ Bale, an Australian grown ready-to-wear suit company who do really great things. This collection had excellent use of colour and some nice layering, but like any fashion parade there were a few 'peacock' garments shown, which made me wonder whether an MJ Bale customer would actually wear them.  

Another stand out for me was Vanishing Elephant - By the looks of things their latest collection is all about woollen hats, knitwear and jackets with a touch of denim. The styling for the show was a bit over the top but if you ignore that and focus on the clothes VE has a great workwear mix.

I don't want to bombard you with photos so watch out for a run down on what I wore to the parade coming soon.