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A Suitable Ride

I can think. I can sleep. I can move. I can ride my bike. I can dream
- Bill Walton

The other day I took my bike out, something that I haven't done in a very long time.

Although riding a bike whilst wearing a suit may not be entirely practical, I choose to take my inspiration from the Europeans who've been doing it for centuries. While I was visiting Europe last summer I saw so many stylish guys cycling their way around the tiny little back streets of Paris, Italy and Spain -  it's an easy and effective way to travel, especially in cities with high traffic congestion. Not to mention the fact that it also happens to be a great workout.

I've found that my biggest issue while riding a bike on a regular basis is the fact that it can be a little bit tough on my clothes. With that in mind I decided it would be a good idea to think of a couple of things to consider before you ride your bike to work tomorrow:

- Having pedal straps or stirrups will stop your shoes from slipping off, especially if you're wearing leather soled dress shoes. 

- Having metal teethed pedals like mine will mark the soles of your shoes and if you wear the same pair of shoes each time you ride you may wear through them, it's better to alternate between a couple of pairs. 

- Having your seat and handlebars at a comfortable height, or even having your handlebars positioned a little higher will stop any pulls or pressure on your jacket and shirt. 

- Be careful of the bike chain as it can mark your pants. Chain guards are a great investment you don't like to wear your pants too tailored or slim. 

- And finally, if you think that you'll spend a lot of time riding through puddles or rain, mud-guards are a great way of to stopping water and mud flicking up onto your seat and back.

Jacket by Hackett
Polo by Barbour
Jeans by Dejour
Pocket Square by Paolo Albizzati
Sunglasses by Cutler & Gross
Boat Shoes by Sperry Topsider