Dior Homme Fragrance History

The race that stops a Nation

But once a year at Flemington, A horse race stops us all, and we hold our breaths and listen, to the commentator’s call. For never has there been a race, that holds such fascination, than the race they run at Flemington, the Race that stops the nation.
                                                              - Vivenne McCredie 

It's spring racing time again and really I'm hoping that this beautiful weather continues, as I've been invited to attend Derby Day thanks to AMPR and Johnnie Walker. I'm looking forward to spending the day in the amazing 'House of Walker' marquee, located inside the famed Bird Cage at Flemington Racecourse. 

Traditionally, the Derby Day dress code is black and white, but I'm not really one to follow the "rules" and a flat monochrome look doesn't really appeal to me. Here below is the inspiration board I've put together for the day.  

  A safari style brown linen jacket, I've had it made unlined so it'll be perfect in the heat.

A crisp blue shirt for the day, if it's very hot I will lean towards a linen rather than cotton.

A pale pair of pants, perhaps in stone or very light shade of grey. Fingers crossed I don't spill any thing, I'm worried that I may have just jinxed myself! 

A suede tassel loafer, hitting towards a snuff, in polo or khaki brown.

A smart pair of sunglasses and a panama hat (or maybe just the sunglasses, it's hard to keep track of your hat, especially when things get a little crazy). 

It's interesting to note that I'm looking at how colours work together and play against my hair and skin tone too.

As well as looking good, I like to smell good too. The new Dunhill Black Desire is very quickly becoming my favourite fragrance for summer. The scent is powerful without being overwhelming, with a great balance of notes.

I hope to see and meet lots of readers and new faces on the day, so if you see me please come up, say hi and join me for a drink.