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Denham, Denim

Denham products are the result of a development process, which balances a deep respect for work-wear history with a fearless intention to move garment designs forward. These twin ambitions are evident in every aspect of the collection from the approach to detailing to the choice of fabrics and the creation of shapes and silhouettes.

Before I set off to Europe a couple of months ago I was invited to check out Denham, a pop up space in Melbourne's new Emporium.

As I strolled up to the temporary store (Denham is now located inside Superglue), I was pleasantly surprised to see an old friend Marty running the show. He’s from the band Carpathian and I had been under the assumption that he was currently living in Japan.
It turns out that Marty has been working for a well known denim company called Big John and had become something of a denim expert – I mean, this guy knows denim like otaku know manga!

Marty took me through the history of the brand and it turns out that Jason Denham, a British guy based in Amsterdam, founded the company in 2008.

At that time Denham was pretty well known in the denim industry for mixing work-wear traditions with modern finishes, when he finally did start his own company his aim was to inject something new and different into the everyday staple.

With traditions reaching from the 60s through to the 00s, Denham is a non-stop reissuing and innovating machine. My favourite part of the current range is definitely the garments that have been “re-issued” from the Denham archives and made from recycled army fabric, from recycled French army linen mattress covers to the camo gore-tex swag shells.

The main concepts that differentiate Denham are:

  • The signature 7 point pocket, shaped like the hand of a worker
  • Drop yoke, delivering a lower rise with the feel of a traditional rise  
  • Cable connection, replacing traditional button holes with a clean finished closure
  • Tri-swing action back, doubling the range of motion at the back of the shoulders
  • Double stacked cargo pockets, double the storage of jacket pockets
  • Flip snap cuffs, allowing for a secure partial fold up of the lower sleeves

My Denham virgin Japanese ape cut denim.

My Denham cotton shirt jacket, off the peg version of the French Army linen jacket. 
(photo by Jay Lim of Plan B blog)