Dior Homme Fragrance History

Smart Spring Sunday.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
                                              - Leonardo da Vinci

It's Spring - the sun is out but it can still be quite brisk this time of the year, especially in Melbourne. These trans-seaonal days can be can be hot then cold and wet then dry, so today to accommodate the shifting weather, I've gone for a mix of fabrics. Linen trousers, a fine pique polo and a Sports jacket - all are fine for a smart but casual Spring day, but to add interest, I've reversed the tones and put light onto dark. A lighter jacket highlights my face enough so wearing darker tones won't wash me out. This works well with my high contrast features. 

This process is easier than you think. By looking at yourself in the mirror, you can watch what colours wash you out whilst trying on jackets, polos even shirt and tie combinations. 

To finish off I used a third colour to marry the outfit together in my choice of shoes and pocket square. Done.

Jacket from Thrift Store
Polo by Barbour (from Henry Bucks)
Pants by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Pocket Square by Paolo Albizzati (from Henry Bucks)
Sunglasses by Cutler  & Gross
Shoes by Jocent Royal