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Get Socked!

I know, I know. I don't really wear socks in summer, but of course I still wear socks - this is Melbourne & it still gets damn cold! 

When I do wear socks I always go for quality brands. Why? Because I'm sick of wearing socks twice and having my toes kick straight though....bye bye $$$. Here are some of the sock brands I have found to be worth you dollar/pounds/euros.

1. Happy Socks

Easily Australia's main sock, with great colours and patterns these are a must for a lot of sock exposure!

2. Barnaby

New on the market this year, this new comer has a little quirk of it's own with a workable button to keep those pairs together.

3.Paul Smith

He doesn't do wrong by many, what more can you say about Mr. Paul Smith and his style/brand.

4. Bresciani

Started in 1970, the  company’s attention to detail hits on every level with the selection of the finest and natural yarns in cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, silk and linen.

5. Falke

Starting out in 1895 as a small knitting company and eventually expanding to a mill and so on. They made it through the war and keep winning on and on with their great quality products.

6. Pantherella

Making socks from high grade materials for over 70 years, these are my personal favourite. I love their classic range of patterns and colours and give you a little piece of classic history to any style.

(Most of these brands can be found online or if your in Melbourne at my place of work Henry Buck's, where you can pop by for a chat too!)