Dior Homme Fragrance History

Clean, Cut & Classic

1. Imperial Classic Pomade: I've tried a lot of different hair products - some were heavy and hard, whilst other didn't have a great hold. This pomade is amazing, light to use, easy and holds up all day!

2. Boar Bristle Brush: This is for the beard, heavy duty bristles that don't fall out and cut through tough coarse hair.

3. Cold Label Bully Beard Oil: Growing a beard makes the skin on your face dry and irritated. This oil will nourish the hair and moisturise your skin. Bully gives you a softer, more pleasant beard plus it's all natural.

4. Kent Comb: Great sized and well made just for your pocket. Maintenance calls for facial hair during the day mainly after lunch, were you may having left a little food etc behind plus it helps controlling the growth.

5. Imperial Fibre Pomade: This is a new product from Imperial I'm using at the moment, it's more on the grease side of pomades but it's light and holds well with a little hairspray to finish off!

You might have noticed I don't have any Shampoo's or Conditioners. Coming from a family of hair dressers and barbers I get given a lot of different ones here and there. I must admit I've not found anything that really stands out. As long as they clean my hair and don't dry it or my scalp I don't mind. If anyone has a favourite or wants to suggest any products, please do!