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Books on Style

Details: Men’s Style Manual by Daniel Peres

For someone who just wants to smarten up and understand how different garments can be worn on different levels. Details covers shirts to sports blazers to shoes. This book is a favourite of mine.

Gentleman: A timeless guide to fashion by Bernhard Roetzel

This book is actually given to employees of some gentleman’s stores; it really has a great amount of history mixed with garment details. It touches base with British and Italian style and even a little Americana. Great for someone who wants to know what quality actually is.

ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Aimes

This is exactly what the title says - the ABC’s. This is the dictionary for the style savvy who want to understand terms relating to materials, styles and finished product. Not only will you find the true meanings of words like Bespoke, Dinner Jacket, Grooming and Pants but you’ll also learn words like BouclĂ©, Astrakhan and an Ulster. It definitely helped me. 

Fuck Yeah, Menswear by Kevin Burrows & Lawrence Schllosman

This is just one of those books you might buy because of the title. But when you get past the cover, it actually has a good amount of info on subjects such as denim, essentials and bespoke tailoring. One thing I will point out is that if you’re put off by the title, then you may not like the attitude in the writing either. I on the other hand, found its tone quite entertaining!