Dior Homme Fragrance History

Toured Skin, Jeans.

Jeans...Don't wash them for at least a year. If they start to smell, freeze them in a bag overnight. If you spill something on them, just spot wash them.

You don't even have time for that when on tour. Seven unwashed souls, plus instruments and gear stuck in a little bus touring Australia. You sleep when you can sleep, eat when you can eat, drink endlessly and party. 

These Nudie "Tapered Ted" Jeans have been through it - the booze, food, sweat, stink, dirt and other things you wouldn't want to know, but not only have they survived, to this day they've still never seen the inside of a washing machine. Gross? Maybe.... If you knew their true age, definitely.

Yes, when I did make it home they did have that well earned sleep-over with the frozen steak and ice-cream. Mind you, if I did ever wash them I'd be able to start my own bar with all the liquid gold fermenting in the threads! If you can't tell from all of that the deep love for these jeans, then go watch The Notebook.




Mao Blazer by Honor Among Thieves
Twin Tip Polo by Fred Perry
Tapered Ted by Nudie Jeans
Vintage Piccadilly Brogue by Trickers