Dior Homme Fragrance History

Hidden Havana, Melbourne

 A coffee with friends, a wine with dinner, a beer with the boys or just a good Gin & Tonic... I love living in Melbourne. I may not be that well travelled, but I've been around a little and I'm a man that wants easy access to my daily needs and occasional whims. I sold my car back in 2010 & haven't felt the need to own another since. Why? Well, for those who don't know Melbourne, the city centre is easy to get around, plus part of the city's charm is being able to discover secret stores, bars and cafes. Every main road links to a smaller road, that links to an alley way which leads to another alley way. Now I can save my fuel money for a few drinks instead!





Todays little adventure was to a little semi-hidden place called Chuckle Park . If you're not paying attention you could easily stroll past it & whilst you're in the little alleyway turned bar, you wouldn't even think you're in the heart of the city centre. An old caravan for the main bar/kitchen, rope lanterns, astro-turf, a little scattered foliage and a touch of kitchy chic equals a great watering hole.


Overcoat by Joe Black (Courtesy of Joe Black the Tailor)

Window Pane Suit by Hugo Boss (Turkish Made)

Twill Shirt by Oscar Hunt

Wool Tie by Hackett

Roobis Chukka Boot by Kimber Footwear