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How to wear Western-Style


Western Style is one of character and story; many people look at the "cowboy" and either think country bum or bad boy.

Mainstream is catching up with the style and turning it into a trend but what makes Western-style what it is?

There are only three real elements to turn any outfit into a western look. A cowboy hat, belt and boots.
It really doesn't matter if you are wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, add these three elements and it has transformed you into a modern-day gunslinger.

Through my journey of learning about this particular style, I ave come across many knowledgeable points that can be used over all of my menswear and accessories. I have also noticed that a lot of the garments are just like everyday items many people already wear.

The positives;

The main feature of all garments worn are heavy-duty and long-lasting, think about it, you are 200 km away from your neighbour and the nearest town. Making that trip every few weeks would be expensive stocking up on food, supplies and clothing every trip.

Many garments are classic items and can be worn in many different scenarios and years to come.
Removing winter layers will see you through the summer very easily. Your "work uniform is your everyday clothes and there are no real dress codes.

The Negatives;

You won't be able to wear your Yeezy's very often, nor many other luxury label sneakers. They just won't last a day out in the countryside nor look the part.

Finding the right hat, although not a very difficult one, is a sight of procrastination. You have to get used to not only wearing a hat but what your proper proportions are. Don't worry there are guidelines and of course a hat for everyone.

Getting used to wearing cowboy or roper boots; the fit is different from regular boots and roper boots are the closest in this case. On the other hand, cowboy boots should be firm in the forefoot and vamp, they also have a natural heel slip of up to one inch. I know how a girl feels when first walking in high heels, you have to change how you walk and adapt.

So once you get used to wearing hats and boots, now it is time to think about the belt and buckle. As history shows many Cowboys didn't wear belts whilst working on their ranch. Suspenders were by far more compatible with the daily tasks.

Belts were worn mainly if holding arms and other times to show their "calling cards" or buckles as we know them today. These buckles would show the favourite animal, lucky charm, nickname or sport/hobby.

When it comes to styling an outfit using the western style elements, the same "rules" apply with every other garment you wear, for example, fit, colour, pattern.

Below are some example of outfits I have worn with the Western-style theme, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.