Double RL, Ranch Ralph Lauren History

Adding Military Style into your Look.

As with everything, Military style is an individual taste. You either love it or hate, but regardless it is a uniform with a long history of triumph and despair.

So why do people fall in love with Military surplus?

Mainly due to its heavy-duty long-lasting construction and fabrics. They also are in earthy tones, so they are easy to work into your own style and wardrobe.

Affordability-wise, they can be cheap or super expensive, it all depends on where they came from, how rare they are and the quality they are in.

Below are a few of my own personal looks that involve Military surplus garments.

Avirex A2 Jacket

Swedish Army Battle Jacket

Army Over Shirt

Italian Army Pants

Royal Navy Pants

I would love to know what think or the Military surplus you own.

Many thanks,

Jared Acquaro