5 things every man should think about when they dress for summer.

When the temperature
goes up and the sun comes out, personal style can often go out the window.
These tips will keep you feeling cool and looking cool all summer long.

Summer work attire

We all know that
summer is made for beaches, barbecues and beer gardens, but business isn’t on
hold just because the sun is shining. Nailing work attire in the summer can be
tricky, but with the right cuts, colours and fabrics you can still feel cool
and look professional.

If you are trying to
stay professional then exposing too much skin is a no-no. You can still wear
trousers and smart shoes, just switch to lightweight cotton fabrics and canvas
shoes. Try a Chambray shirt for the perfect amount of breathability and style.

Less is more

The summer heat
means that we usually have to keep the layers to a minimum. You can still look
sharp without the jackets and sweaters, but it’s important to get the fit
exactly right.

Shorts are casual by nature but a well-tailored, good quality pair can be work-friendly. Pick garments that closely follow the lines of your body for a sharp look. Neutral and light colours are staples but opt for brighter colours and prints for something more fun and experimental this summer.

Colour is key

Summer is without a doubt the best time to wear light and bright colours. Black is cool, but dark colours absorb heat and lead to uncomfortable sweaty moments. One bright-coloured piece paired with a minimal and plain outfit is all you need to make the perfect statement and stay cool in the sun. Millennial pink, sage green and Gen-Z yellow are all recommended summer colours for men.

Those with darker
skin tones or an ever-deepening tan will be complemented best by a pop of
bright colour. Whereas paler complexions will look better in lighter colours
that aren’t so loud.


The summer heat
means fewer clothes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with accessories.
Shoes add something extra to any outfit, and there are many options that range
from formal to functional.

For your smarter
looks, opt for suede or canvas brogues, then save espadrilles, sneakers and
boat shoes for casual wear. Remember that when you’re wearing shorts don’t wear
shoes that rise above the ankle.

What to avoid

Experimenting with
new styles is something to be encouraged but if you’re tempted to show a bit of
ankle with some Capri pants then you might want to think again. The cut of
ankle-grazing trousers creates awkward proportions and can make you look

Cargo shorts are
also an unflattering length and no one needs that many pockets, no matter the
occasion. But don’t go too short with your shorts either, a reasonable length
will keep you looking perfectly respectable.

Remember to shop sustainably and buy items you know you’ll wear again and again. Some brands are committed to reducing their environmental impact. Bonds, for example, aim to divert 100% of their waste away from landfill by 2020.

Lastly, remember
that socks and sandals are still fashion’s number one deadly sin, and vests
should always stay in the gym.

Just because it’s
hot doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish, the right garments, fabrics and
colours will keep you looking and feeling fresh.