Goodbye to American Made Denim

After 112 years in operation, Cone Mills White Oak® closed its doors in 2017, bringing an end to a long-standing partnership between Levi’s® and the North Carolina mill. Cone Mills was one of the last producers of American selvedge denim and had been supplying Levi’s® with its XX 501® selvedge denim since back when Woodrow Wilson was in office (1913, give or a take a few years).

To celebrate the end of an era, Levi’s® Vintage Clothing created two limited-edition pieces made from White Oak® denim: a 1955 Levi’s® 501® Jean and a 1953 Type II Trucker Jacket. Both styles feature six different Shrink-to-Fitfabrics recreated just for us by the mill. This is the first and the last time all six fabrics are included in a single garment — and in a limited run of 150 of each piece.

As an extra tribute, all White Oak® 501® Jeans and every White Oak® 1953 Type II Trucker Jacket will include a special commemorative box made out of white oak wood.

It is always a sad day when an institution such as this has to close their doors. 2019 alone has seen many businesses close; due to lack of workers, rental costs flooded markets or not being able to adapt to the new marketing of today's world.

Many "Old World" jobs aren't appealing to the modern man or women, their work is usually hard and the pay little. With the marketing aspect, many older businesses don't realise that you can't put an ad in the local paper and the next day have people out the door. A proportion of profit has to be put aside for marketing, otherwise who will know what is happening with your business? On top of this, you have a lack of pride in the quality and a focus on mass consumption.

For those denim heads looking to keep a piece of something special, these limited edition garments are it!