Pitti Uomo 95 - Day 1

The first day of Pitti Uomo 95 saw a few things I hoped to see; Roll Necks, Earthy tones, Hats and Classic tailoring.

Due to not being there this time around, social media and friends are my only link to find out what is happening at the expo and what the trends are.

One thing I will say and this happens to everyone at some point in their lives, bad choices. Day 1 I have seen a few, why this happens is when someone adds a new colour to experiment within an outfit. While others seem a bit lost or tired, this isn't a bad thing.

Below is a the three main trends of Day 1, Pitti Uomo 95.

Roll Necks.

Earthy Tones.

Classic Coats.

Keep and eye out for my coverage of Pitti Uomo 95 Day 2 trends, coming soon!