How to Mix and Match Colours in your Outfit.

There are many ways to mix and match colours into your outfit. I have written posts utilising interior design, nature and paintings.

Today, I thought I would keep it within menswear and use a tie as an example.

The great thing about ties, most of the time, the colours match within the pattern; so you know they work together.

Keep in mind though, your complexion and what tones to contrast.

Here I am wearing a vintage silk tie from Paolo Albizzati; it has four colours; Navy, Olive Green, Taupe and Burgundy.

The first thing to notice is the colour palette; they are all "earth" tones. These work for my complexion, the next step is to put them into an outfit that allows the high contrast I need to suit.

Navy and the Olive green are very versatile colours and can work either on top or bottom but for contrast we need a neutral tone. As I don't have white (the preferable) Taupe is the closest.

The taupe shirt is used in between the Navy and Olive Green to create the high contrast in the outfit; the burgundy I use in the highlights.

I always recommend picking your main colours (usually two), a neutral and then a highlighter (one or two); for accents within the outfit.