Fullcount Denim Review

Denim is something we all have worn in our life, there are a lot of brands and types of denim.

Over the years I have personally wore American cone denim and the Chinese made denim, both selvedge and non-selvedge.

A few weeks back I was contacted by a representative of Fullcount denim. They utilise the hand shuttle weaving and Zimbabwean cotton, to make a pair of jeans or jacket something, unlike other denim.

Reading through the history of Japanese denim, Fullcount have had an integral part of it after establishing themselves in Okayama back in 1992.

Fullcount were the first "Made in Japan" company to use the Zimbabwean cotton on a shuttle loom, like many luxury brands who also use this cotton, Head designer, Mikiharu Tsujita uses only the raw cotton.

The pair I have from Fullcount is the 0105 model which is based off an original Levis from 1953 and is hand-stitched.

First, wear and the jeans are notably soft to touch with a slight slub in the weave from the raw cotton. The cut is not too wide nor skinny but has a nice tailored leg.

The rise isn't like Nudie or Wrangler but more a mid-rise, which I think is perfect for jeans, as they should still be in proportion with your body.

After about six wears the denim has softened and stretched a little, the indigo isn't running like cheap chemical indigo, and the shape is still intact.

To be honest, I can see why people get right into their Japanese denim, the quality and wear far exceeds other denim I have wore, what can I say other than I am a believer!