Naked Clothing - the softest touch

Naked Clothing produces polos and shirts of an otherworldly soft-nature through cunning techniques and processes.! - The Rake Magazine

A few years back (about 3 years) I had dinner with Gui Bo for the first time and with him was Filippo Matera; owner of Naked Clothing.

Filippo is known to many in the industry as "Mr Polo", why? Because he produces the best in the world. It is a big call to make a statement like this but why else would some of the biggest names in the industry say so?

To experience Naked clothing is not to see but touch and wear the garments. Filippo mainly works with denim but has expanded to piquet and jersey too, turning what is usually a slightly rough hand feel into a luxuriously soft product.

How does one change a fabric? well, that comes down to passion, experience and thinking outside the box. Filippo is a maker, a fabricator and in some ways a mad scientist.

Recently The Rake magazine started selling Naked on their online store and it quickly skyrocketed to their number 1 seller almost overnight.

This is definitely a brand to keep an eye out for on its way to the top!