Lieutenant & Co Melbourne

Welcome, Lieutenant & Co.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this new boutique that has recently opened up in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne has had a downfall of local stores and boutiques over the years and it is great to see a resurgence.

Lieutenant & Co is the concept of Davy Zhu, a man with a deep passion for 1920's to 50's style workwear, militaria, sportswear and heritage style clothing. This is an era where garments were made to last and had a great purpose for the wearer, a complete night and day aesthetic to today's fast fashion.

Unlike the majority of people who open shops or go into fashion, Davy came from a retail background where he worked as a Made to Measure specialist for Gucci and other luxury brands over the past 6 years.

Having both lived in Japan and travelled extensively to get right into the culture and the ideology of his passion, Davy has built an excellent knowledge of the products in his store.

The name of the store "Lieutenant & Co." was inspired by my grandfather who was a tank driver with the lieutenant military rank during his service years when he fought in the Korean War.

The Haberdashery part is merely a virtual concept as he doesn't sell any threads, needles or buttons. The word haberdashery in American English can also mean gentlemen’s outfitter.

When you walk into Lieutenant & Co, you take a step back in time. "I wanted the store to feel like a veteran Lieutenant retired from the war and open his own haberdashery in his hometown to enjoy the rest of his life. That’s basically the concept that I want to convey to my audiences and to those who wants to know the difference between mine and the other stores".

I don’t want to only focus on one single category of clothing or just vintage inspired military stuff. I’m a big fan of 20’s - 40’s America workwear, civilian military wear and 50’s sportswear.

The brand's currently available in-store are; Wear Masters, Belafonte, Clinch, Warehouse & Co, Heller's Cafe, Muller & Bros, Dapper's and Peanuts & Co. With much more to be added in the future.

Lieutenant & Co can be found at 208 Little Collins St in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.