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Caulaincourt Opera Oxford Review

As promised in my prior post, here is my review of the Opera Balmoral oxfords from Caulaincourt.

One of the most interesting facts I learnt from the owner Alexis was how many different construction methods he offers clients.

One that really caught my attention was the Bologna construction, this was one you don't hear people talking about much at all, really.

The Bologna is similar to the traditional Italian blake stitch method, where the upper of the shoes are attached to the sole. But, in this case, it isn't two separate pieces stitched together the upper is wrapped around and directly stitched to the sole.

The purpose is total flexibility with the foot from the first wear, instead of having to wear in the shoes.

This kind of contraction only works best with light summer style shoes and I wouldn't recommend for winter use.

Another great feature of the Opera oxfords is the super soft Deer leather. This particular leather is known for being super soft, pliable and durable.

First wear of the oxfords was a different experience for me personally, I have never put on a shoe and felt like I'd been wearing it for years. The ease whilst walking was the best part, no stiffness or restriction to fight against at all.

The quality of the construction, comfort and leather a very high and I would put them up against any other French shoe brand including Berluti.

I am finding it hard to fault whilst thinking about these shoes but all I can think of, (which was pointed out by Alexis) is the single ply summer leather soles would need to have a flexible topy to stop wearing through the sole over time.