Bring the Dark into the Light. Wearing Black Suits.

The black suit; how and why did this take over in the early years?

Bankers used to don it exclusively, Security still embraces it, you traditionally mourn in it, many love its slimming properties and there are elite dress codes that demand it.  

Anyone that knows Melbourne has heard all the jokes about our culture of wearing all black all the time; it's almost cult-like, but what I've noticed over time is that for many traditional occupations and on what would have once been black only wearing occasions, people are now slowly turning away from it. Many are still keeping it dark but now we're living in shades of navy or grey. 

This really hit home recently when I attended a funeral where the dress code was NO black, but for attendees to dress in colourful clothing to make the occasion a celebration of life. It worked.

In saying that though, there are certain occasions where nothing but black will do. But remember, just because we're donning the black, we don't have to look like clones. You can still show character whilst dressing for such occasions. Hey, it may even make things a lot more comfortable and a little less stressful when you're putting your outfit together.

Do you wear black suits? If so, on what occasions/scenarios?