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Caulaincourt Shoes - the worth of passion.

Caulaincourt is a French company founded in 2008 by Alexis Lafont to offer a personal experience. What is different when buying a Caulaincourt shoe compared to other brands/stores, is the personal touch on every pair.

I meet up with Alexis whilst in Paris recently (January 2018) at his flagship store which is next to his atelier.

We sat and had coffee first, so we could just talk and exchange passions/work.  Alexis didn't grow up in the show world and his family business was in a completely different field altogether.

"Sometimes I will be designing a new shoe for weeks and if I don't like it, I won't make it for my customers. I don't make compromises when it comes to what I add to the collection."- Alexis Lafont

To be able to one day step back and think "what do I want to do? what are my passions?" is a huge life step and one I myself have taken.

The passion exuded by the way Alexis talks about each of his creations really shows the level of craftsmanship and time spent on every detail.

From the last shape, the chosen leather to the details and patina, there is nothing that is overlooked by Alexis.

When choosing a pair of shoes from Caulaincourt there are two options; their version of ready-to-wear and made-to-order.

The ready-to-wear collection is a great variety of oxfords, derbies, boots, loafers and monk straps. You chose a style you like and then you chose your custom patina.

Yes, every ready-to-wear shoe comes with your choice of patina included in the price.

The selection is quite broad and everyone is done at their atelier or in-store. Every employee has been taught the art of patina, which you can see them applying when not serving customers and clients.

Made-to-order, on the other hand, is more in-depth. In this process, you choose your last, construction, details, soles, leather ( or any other materials) and patina. At an extra cost of 195 euros on top RRP and requires about 8 weeks.

Apart from shoes, Caulaincourt also makes made-to-order belts and bags plus other more ready-to-wear accessories like gloves and small leather goods.

I personally got a pair of their Opera shoes in a navy deerskin. These are a summer oxford and have the Bolognese construction, I will be doing a separate review on these at a later date.