New Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch

Last week I was invited to an intimate tasting at the Sir Charles Cafe in Fitzroy, for Johnnie Walker's Blenders Batch new additions; Espresso Roast and Rum Cask Finish.

Both of the limited-edition whiskies were designed with bartenders and whisky enthusiasts in mind to create a whisky that would be a great foundation for making amazing cocktails.

Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch whiskies are the result a small team of 12 passionate and skilled blenders, under the expert guidance of two-time Master Blender of the Year Jim Beveridge.

Together they experiment to push the boundaries of whisky making. The finished product is two very distinctive flavoured whiskies.

Espresso Roast

“deliciously rich, smooth and meticulously crafted blended Scotch with punchy notes of rich coffee and dark chocolate.” Aimee Gibson

Aimée Gibson, Johnnie Walker blender, has led the creation of Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Espresso Roast (43.2% ABV).

The alcohol content was raised to allow more bold flavour notes to come out, due to its dense roasted barley. This long roasting process like coffee beans gives it the rich and dark chocolate and coffee flavours.

The whisky was then matured in a combination of casks and first-fill Bourbon casks.

 “My goal was to make whiskies that can be enjoyed by people with a range of taste preferences, especially by those who might think that whisky isn’t for them." Amiee Gibson

Rum Cask Finish

Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Rum Cask Finish (40.8% ABV) is the result of 10 years of experiments by blender Chris Clark.

A blend of whiskies from Speyside and the Lowlands, it’s been finished in Caribbean pot rum casks which awakened intense fruit notes.

Maturing this whisky in the fruity Caribbean rum casks give a smooth, spicy and sweet finish.

“Unforgettable drinks experiences are what elite mixologists strive to achieve when
perfecting cocktails and it’s what Aimée and I, as blenders, have at the forefront of our thinking when
experimenting and creating exciting new whiskies.” Chris Clark

To mark the Australian launch, leading bartenders were invited to explore new ways to enjoy the serves
this summer, playing on the complementary flavour profile of the ever-more-popular cold brew coffee,
and the established desire for coffee-based cocktails.

“Whisky and cold brew coffee play beautifully together,” Chris Fahy, coffee expert at Sir Charles café in Fitzroy.

Suggested Cocktails

The Espresso roast is suggested to be the base versions of Espresso martinis, Sazerac, Old Fashioned, or mixed with Ginger Beer, Cold brew coffee for a summer version of an Irish coffee.

Rum Cask Finish having more fruit and spice notes would be a great base for versions of Mojitos, Tom Collins, Whisky Sours or mixed with soda/lime,  and apple juice.


Johnnie Walker's Blenders Batch can be located at the following bars around Australia;



Black Pearl

Whisky & Alement


The Baxter Inn


Maybe Frank


Saville Row


Roosevelt Lounge

Western Australia:

Peaky Bodega

The Dominion League