Infiniti Q50 Red Sport Sedan

I have never driven a Q50 Red Sport before, let alone any INFINITI car, but as I was a mechanic for another big car manufacturer back in the day I am quite familiar with how the company performs.

With most cars here at APMM, we like to take them through their paces, not on a racetrack or in a workshop but in everyday driving scenarios, whether it be driving to the local shops, going to work in the city, taking a trip through the countryside or down to the beach on the weekend.


At first glimpse, the Q50 Red Sport has a lot of personality. It is a medium-sized sedan and has a very aggressive and sporty styled front end.

The lines of the car flow from the bonnet and down the sides ending into a clean styled rear end showing off the twin sports exhaust.

I personally think the style has a very balanced look; sports car meets luxury

Being the Red Sport series, it comes with extra visual features including a special body-kit, wide 19-inch aluminium alloy wheels and a set of satin finished twin-exhaust tips.

Inner Beauty

When you enter the car through its keyless entry, the first thing you notice is the beautiful leather interior, with the quilted details in the seats and red double stitching throughout the car.

The fully adjustable driver's seat is surrounded by clusters of instruments all within an arm's reach.

Automatic lights/wipers, driver's seat adjustment profile, climate control, sunroof and a 16 speaker Bose sound system all come standard on the Redsport model.


This is one of the two very impressive highlights of this car for myself. The Red Sport comes standard with DAT (Driver Assist Technology) which is an extremely smart computer with a huge list of capabilities to help in multiple scenarios.

  • Active Lane Control

  • Direct Adaptive Steering

  • Intelligent Cruise Control

  • Backup Collision Intervention

  • Predictive Forward Collision Warning

  • Blind Spot Warning & Prevention

  • Lane Departure Warning & Prevention

  • Forward Emergency Braking

  • Distance Control

  • 360 degree Around View Monitor

This technology makes you feel very safe whilst driving the Red Sport no matter the road conditions or traffic. The Around View monitor is very helpful, especially in tight parking areas around the city; you will park like an expert every time!


Now to our favourite part of the car, performance!

The Red Sport comes standard with a 3.0 V6 twin-turbo engine boasting 298 kW (400HP).

Adjustable Dynamic Digital suspension, 7 speed automatic with Tiptronic manual, sports exhaust and performance brake callipers front and rear.

To make this situation even better INFINITI have a Drive Mode selector, which lets the driver switch through 6 different modes; Snow, Eco, Standard, Sport, Sport+ and Personal.

To be honest this is what makes the car so much fun to drive and yes I did consistently drive around in the Sport+ mode. As you might have already figured out this mode gives you 100% power output.

Unlike many other cars I have driven, these profiles actually adjust a range of parts on the car; engine power/performance, suspension, transmission, steering and exhaust.

So in basic terms, this allows the driver to go from an eco-friendly everyday driver to a race car setup with a switch of a button.

If you like the idea of having power but not so much the stiff suspension then the Personal mode is for you. Personal allows you to set up the car as you please, from the power of the Sport+ engine with the ride of standard suspension or the fuel-saving Eco engine with the Sports+ suspension.

The choice is yours without having to take it to a garage and get aftermarket modifications.


The INFINITI Q50 Red Sport is a car that has a huge personality, luxury and performance. I would sit this car into the luxury-sport market as it isn’t a race spec car, even though it has the engine of one.

The interior instruments take a little getting used to but everything you would want in a luxury car is there at your fingertips.

Having the different driving profiles, I definitely think this is an appealing car to the everyday driver and performance nut, and for the price of $79,900, you will struggle to find a car that has everything this car has.

My final pieces of advice whilst driving the Red Sport would be; if you choose to drive around in Sport+ mode use manual gearing for better fuel consumption.