Real Solaro fabric the original

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo on my Instagram showcasing a suit I picked up in Japan made from original Solaro fabric.

I got a few comments about the fabric and how it is the original, one was from Harrisons who now own Smith & Co (Woolens).

Smith & Co are the inventors of the Solaro fabric. A fabric that reflects ultraviolet rays from the sun through a red weft weave, thus making the wearer much cooler in the warmer months.

This was the first technical fabric ever produce and in turn, some say by accident.

It is said that the darker backside of the Solaro cloth was an attempt to replicate the protective effect of the darker skin while maintaining a lighter coloured front side to keep the wearer cool since darker colours hold more heat.

There are many other fabric mills now producing variations of this fabric but none quite match the original.

Many nowadays are much lighter and woven in cotton or wool mixes, not like the flannel from Smith & Co.

Below is the suit made of Smith & Co Solaro commissioned through Bommezzadri, which I found in Daikanyama, Japan.