Historic - Luxury Outerwear

HISTORIC was founded in 2003 and in the same year the brand is presented for the first time at Pitti Uomo.

The brand offers luxury outerwear which is something not too many brands offer bar the odd overcoat or Macintosh.

Their ethos sits in a three-part process;

THE PAST: Its inspiration, because having a story behind means having something to say that is rooted in the experience.

THE PRESENT: The here and now, because nothing is as important as the moment that you are living. That’s why it is fundamental to live it with passion, with the desire to “be” and to “be present”.

THE FUTURE: Technology and research, the world, styles, people evolve and their clothes cannot be left behind.

The attention to detail through every stage of the production, from the concept creation to the choice of fabrics, all incorporates the passion and commitment of all the people involved.

This can truly be seen in the garments from the topstitching and leather binding to the quality of zips.

One of my personal favourites from Historic is their "Archive" Collection. Jacket and coat styles are taken from the past and replicated in the modern world, using top grade trimmings, fabrics and accessories.

A great Italian brand making in Italy for the world!