Bona Capello Bespoke Hats

A hat,
- in it’s purest form covers the head, a protection from the elements. We believe a hat can transcend the practical and make a statement about who the wearer is, what they’re about.
Where they’re headed. - Thom O'Brien

I first met Thom whilst he was in Melbourne for a trunk show at Pickings & Parry.

I would best describe him as a free-spirited creative, he isn't a maker guided by rules and is always thinking outside the box to innovate what he creates; beautiful, quirky bespoke hats.

Thom uses quite traditional methods in creating his hats, from old sewing machines to an old "Comformatuer" once used to identify criminals before fingerprinting was introduced.

But when it comes to the finishing, Thom's creativeness kicks in using heavy waxes to a rust finish, nothing is out of reach for him.

Whilst I was in Tokyo, Japan I contacted Thom to meet up and design a hat that could represent my personality.

I met Thom at his little studio in Shinsen, Shibuya-Ku, we sat had a coffee and just "shot the shit" as they call it, for those who don't know it is a term for small talk.

Apart from both being Australian, we had a bit in common in that we both came from different work backgrounds and dived in deep into what we both have as professions now.

Thom was a chef previously, whilst on his travels, he got inspired from all the different headwear he saw.

Thus born, Bona Capello "Good hat".

I wanted my commissioned hat through Bona Capello to be versatile, have character, a vintage feel of something well worn and a little rough around the edges like myself.

We chose a chocolate brown wool/rabbit felt, as brown is a warm color and the felt mix is a nice medium between a light and heavyweight.

A bound and rolled edge, a signature Bona Capello crown and with a dirty and burnt finish.

Just describing this made we wonder what Thom would come up with, would he just drive over the felt and size it up?

The finished product? well, it turned out amazing, exactly how I pictured it in my mind.

I think it takes a true creative to be able to take words and turn them into something special.

I can definitely see another hat from Bona Capello in my future, for more information got to