What is real style?

In discussions with fellow friends, stylish icons and people within menswear (worldwide), I find we have a common ground to what is REAL style.

Jumping onto a trend isn't having style but taking elements from that trend and mixing it into your own is. Bespoke suits don't mean you have style, wearing the exact same thing day in and out, is classified as a uniform.

When someone gets dressed by a stylist for a photoshoot doesn't make them an authority on style either. But yet the world today see's all of this as "stylish" and an influence on societies image or more so, just cool and so people follow because no-one likes being the outsider, nowadays.

Wearing ill-fitting clothing just because you were paid to do so, buying followers and likes, having social media groups that comment on each other's profiles, borrowing clothes from your work and acting like you're a baller with heaps of money, going to events that aren't in line with your own style or even in future work endeavours.

None of the above is real style and it isn't even real behavior, I think we all need to start being ourselves again and making choices for our own future and image.

I’ve been dwelling on this issue out of personal experience for some time now…it seems our peers are quite trigger happy when it comes to labelling people according to their personal style, inherently developing a stereotypical notion of how they are expected to look, regardless of time or occasion. ~ Beyond Fabric

PR companies should start aligning real influencers with the appropriate brands, no more young men who could never afford a Mercedes Benz driving around in them (A man who could afford one would never look at some little brat for influence when spending upwards of 80k+).

This whole space has turned into a vacuous black hole of shameless promotion, both of products and self. Credibility isn’t even a thing anymore, and influencers out there admit it. And this concept of being an ‘Influencer’, which now describes anyone with an Instagram account – what does it mean? And more importantly, what does it value?

In short, the answer is nothing.

How can a bloke attend the world’s preeminent menswear tradeshow, dressed in a $599 suit, wearing a watch he has been paid to put on, touting an FMCG brand that has funded him to attend, for a photo he’ll eventually delete, be an authority on men’s style? And how can people believe it? Just because said person has amassed a six-figure following doesn’t mean they know anything about drape, canvassing or fit. It baffles me daily. ~ The Versatile Gent

Too many of these "Influencers" brand whore themselves out with no integrity or brand loyalty, it is all about the money and the need to be somebody. What do they actually offer? absolutely nothing but smoke and mirrors.

So what is real style? It is confidence in one's self and the way they dress without any contrived "sprezzatura".

Back in the 1950's although we didn't have as many brands floating around there was personal style, there was taste, there were real people. So let's cut the crap and bring back REAL PEOPLE & REAL STYLE.