Real Style: Bryceland's & Co

I thought I would start my "Real Style" off with someone from my homeland Ethan of Bryceland's Co. I could also include his business partner Kenji who also has a great style.

Both Ethan and Kenji take elements from classic tailoring, vintage wears, and traditional workwear.


Without a once of contriving the styles they both effortlessly mix pieces from each together.

Looking at their style you would not think to point out and say "Hey you can't wear that old beaten up denim jacket with those Ambrosi bespoke trousers".

It works because they both are confident, relaxed in their choices, and have a great understanding of what works with their proportions.

Sampoyoshi, or ‘benefiting in three directions’, is an ethos Bryceland's use within their retail plan.

It is a Western Province approach to business where the merchant, the craftsman and the client are in a mutually beneficial relationship.


By doing this the craftsman will find his product more appreciated and well represented, the client will be delivered the best product for him at a fair price, and the merchant will be able to continue in presenting the product to the market.

We want to support the makers we work with. And we want to offer clothing for men that looks like its for men.

Elegant and proportional, like the suits Jimmy Stewart or Fred Astaire would wear.

Nothing overly short or overly tight.

A minimum of branding, if any at all. Fabric that will get better with age, and doesn’t make your eyes bleed when you see the cost per metre.

Things made by the people we buy it from, the people who come to our store, drink coffee with us and get to know our customers. ~Ethan Newton