New Menswear Trend - Gurkha Style

 The Gurkha trouser and shorts were both, technical, sartorial and practical, it’s a style that’s been long-overdue for a renaissance.

I see (never read them) a lot of articles on menswear trends, online and in magazines but they are never new trends but old recycled trends.

I really don't understand how all the mainstream fashion media always misses the REAL new trends popping up everywhere.

So what is popping up everywhere in the latest menswear style trend? Gurkha pants and shorts.

In the beginning, the  Gurkha trouser was iconic uniform from Nepal’s elite soldiers of the same name (Gurkhas), deriving their name from the Nepalese Kingdom of Gorkha.

Like most military styled clothing, the Gurkha uniform was practical and purposeful. What happened next would bring this style into the hands of the British.

After the Anglo-Nepalese war had ended, the British were extremely impressed by the combat skills of the Gurkhas that they created the highly unusual treaty of Sugauli, which allows the British Army to recruit Gurkhas into their military to this day.



Both pants and shorts can be defined by its double-pleated front and high, cummerbund-style waistband with belt-like buckle fastenings to the left and right.

Nowadays, there are a few different versions going around, some with the high waistband and side adjusters and others with only one belted side buckle one one-side instead of both.

I think the Gurkha style has been released back into today's style due to a lack of character in clothing, especially pants and one with a great history behind it.