Dior Homme Fragrance History

Layer Cake, Winter Layering Re-thought.


The concept of layering for frosty morning tram stops and rain sodden espresso treks can fill the hardiest Melbournian with horror, but wearing that Mr. Stay Puft ski parka to see you through winter isn’t the only answer.

Sometimes the simplest way to wrap your head around a concept is to relate to it in layman's terms, or in this case, let’s turn winter layering into something sweet.

Shirt: Your foundation; the body, the sponge that holds all the layers together… This is the point where all the ingredients need to be measured out to make sure the whole cake holds together.

Jumper or Cardigan: Your chocolate filling. Adds a hint of taste and interest. Keep this layer lean – you don’t want to overwhelm and add too much bulk.

Jacket or Blazer: The hazelnut crumble or fresh raspberries. Perhaps not noticed at first, but adding a layer that might make or break the overall flavor.

Overcoat: It's the frosting on the cake, the part you mainly see and get a taste of first. Get this layer wrong and no-one will even notice what’s underneath

Accessories: This is where you can really get creative. These are your chocolate swirls, toffee shards or if you’re daring, hundreds & thousands that will grab everyone's attention. 

At the end of the day, a great slice of cake is a lot more satisfying than a Mr Stay Puft marshmallow.