Dior Homme Fragrance History

Inspiration, Life, Menswear, and Style

Inspiration comes in many forms; books, movies, music, people.... 

I don't read as much as I'd like, but when I do, I typically read Biographies or books on tailoring & the history of menswear. Both are an inspiration. 

Seeing people who have great style and confidence can be inspiring, but I wouldn't make the mistake of trying to mimic anyone's look. After all, we're all individuals. 

I've always been puzzled by people who state their icons are famous people. The person who has inspired me the most in life is actually my Uncle, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.

Despite his health slowing degrading,  he was always trying to do everything on his own and he never stopped making jokes and laughing. That to me was a massive inspiration. 

Now, onto the latest Menswear inspiration, which has gone full circle, again. The winter layering I have seen in the current lookbooks and stores are showcasing more crew-neck jumpers over shirts than the usual V-neck.

Another interesting layering combo is the thin roll-neck under an open-collar shirt...

Seems like everything in the tailoring world is getting more casual, will next year be the rise of smart-casual everything?