Pitti Uomo 92 Day 3, Smart Casual

Yet another scorcher of a day in Florence at the Fortezza De Basso, Pitti Uomo 92 Day 3.

There have been quite similar styles throughout this year, there seems to be only a small number of "middle ground" people.

In other words, the style is either almost dull or too extreme (peacocking).

My mission today was to seek out the standout styles, not the spot lighters but more the real style. But what is real style?

Real style is elegance and effortlessness combined into a style that you will see any day of the year.

It isn't one where you will only see it at an event or function but at a grocery store or friends barbecue. aka Smart Casual!









@Desgensonphoto @Shuhei_Nishiguchi