Pitti Uomo 92, Day 2 Style

Every time I hear or see an article or post about Pitti Uomo headlines read, "Peacocks of Pitti" or "Italian men are still the best dressed".

For anyone who has actually been to Pitti Uomo for the right reasons would know neither of these headlines is actually 100% true.

There are "Peacocks" and "Italians" but do they runs the show? No. It is a very small percentage of the expo. There are people there with REAL style and they are the most comfortable and relaxed people there.

No posing on a wall waiting, no hanging in the extreme heat for stardom, just down right stylish men every day of the year!

Here is a few stylish non-peacock and non-Italians. PS where are the Australians at? I will be back there in January to represent again!

Alvin from Last and Lapel, Singapore

Rob from To Quote, Sweden

Shuhei from Beams, Japan

Maxim, Sweden, and Jonathan, UK

Gui-Bo from Men Need More Style, France, and Angel, USA

Robin Pettersson Tailor, Sweden

Brian Lehang, South Africa

Samir and Son, Dubai

Karl-Edwin Guerre, USA

Kevin Wang and Wife, Taiwan/USA