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How to Wear Suit Separates

Suit separates are something people often don't completely understand.

To me personally, it is one of the most appealing aspects of a suit is its versatility. Sure, one suit equals one jacket and one pair of matching trousers, but keep in mind you aren't limited to wearing these pieces together. 

It would also be a good way to start your own wardrobe with filling it with versatile garments from the get go.

When you split them, you have is a jacket that can be worn as a sports jacket and the pants become a smart pair of chinos.

To build your army of ensembles, all you have to do is split and multiply. 2 suits equals 6 different outfits/looks.... Bet you wish you paid more attention in Maths class now.

In saying this though there are some visuals that will need attention. For example, stripe patterns will need to be quite fine/small or large (Boating style). Otherwise visually it looks like you lost a piece of a suit.

Check patterns due to their more country and casual ways will work as suit separates regardless.