How to Style Dark Complexions

Dark complexions whether they be black or light brown can show little contrast. Meaning they could fall under the muted complexion category.

However, if with use a white or lighter colored shirt we create a high-contrasting complexion. So to get the most out of a dark complexion, using it as a medium to high contrast will offer the best results.

To choose between medium and high will depend on the depth of color in the skin, for example, a lighter brown will use a medium and a darker will use a more high contrast.

Playing off eye color will help draw the eye of another especially blue or green. This can be used to one's style and balanced by shades.

Below are some photos showcasing the difference certain colors and tones can make.

This gentleman has a more medium complexion, above he has used more high contrasting colors which wash out his natural tones.

You can see below when he uses more medium contrasting colors it draws you to his face.


In this picture, the two men on the left are using a high contrast to in proper layers, where the man on the left is wearing more muted tones which wash out his face.

These two pictures show perfect contrasting in two different ways. Above the whole outfit is in high contrast whilst below the use of a darker scarf creates it against the lighter garments.