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My First Suit, Made To Measure

I don't care for too many rules about fashion, style or life in general. Wear what suits you and your personality and remember to always look and feel comfortable in what you wear!

Unfortunately, a lot of Australian guys feel overwhelmed by the concept of wearing a suit. Remember, you should feel as comfortable in your suit as you feel in your track pants and an oversized jumper.

A well-tailored suit is an easy thing to wear; you can be dressed and ready to leave the house without even thinking about it, and you can totally change your look by your choice of accessories.

Never rush into buying a suit until you know it is right for you and works with your lifestyle.

Invest in a suit that is tailored to your silhouette and made of good quality fabric that will follow your body, not constrict you like a body cast.

Start with the basics, such as solid colors then move on to subtle patterns and grow from there.

Remember what works for others may not work for you, follow your own style rules.



Here is my first ever made to measure suit I purchased back in 2013. Although it may not fit me as well as it use to, it was an experience I will never forget!